FOUNDATION IN FOCUS: Mayhorn epitomizes local volunteers doing good

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After more than 20 years of service, Kathy Mayhorn recently stepped down as executive director of the New Albany Arts Council.

During her time as the arts council’s leader, Mayhorn helped launch several programs that either provided residents with the opportunity to participate in the arts or provided opportunities to be enriched by the arts.

Among them were:

* The Rose Run Players for middle school students who perform in the junior musical programs.

* The New Albany Winds, which features adult musicians and high school band students.

* The Center Stage Singers and the New Albany Chorus, which allowed residents to participate in vocal music.

* The Youth Music Competition.

* The Summer Art Camp.

* The Harvest the Arts Festival.

It would be difficult to number how many New Albany residents have been affected by these wonderful opportunities, but it’s safe to say there were many of all ages and all walks of life.

During her time as executive director, Mayhorn never accepted compensation. For her, it was a labor of love. It was about her love of the arts, her love for her community and the enjoyment she derived from seeing people happy.

As a member of the New Albany Community Foundation’s grant committee and as a board member, I’m proud that the foundation, through its generous donors, has supported the arts council and its programming almost every year through grants.

The foundation has supported many organizations, such as the New Albany Symphony Orchestra, the New Albany Ballet Company, the New Albany-Plain Local Historical Society, the New Albany-Plain Local School District, the Village Coalition Against Hunger and too many others to list.

It has been particularly gratifying to witness how the community foundation brings together generous donors who want to have a positive impact on their community, with great organizations led by wonderful people like Mayhorn, who enrich the lives of the residents.

Kudos to Mayhorn for a job well done. And thanks to all the volunteers who give so freely of their time and talents to benefit the entire community.