COVID-19 Updates

We Never Shy Away From a Challenge; Neither Does Our Community

By Craig Mohre | May 4, 2020 Over these last weeks, we have witnessed, in real-time, our country in the throes of an unprecedented situation – a global pandemic that required all of us to change our daily lives. Yet, as we've come to expect, New Albany came together in the face of tremendous uncertainty [...]

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Foundation in Focus: New Albany partners, donors offer assistance during pandemic

By Nanette Nardi Triplett | May 4, 2020 Soon after Gov. Mike DeWine announced measures to protect Ohioans during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the world seemingly shut down, the impact could be felt by people in our community. From families dealing with food insecurity to students struggling with learning from home, the needs grew. [...]

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Foundation in Focus: Adversity reveals New Albany’s bonds, values

By Lynne Smith | March 30, 2020 During these challenging times, I am heartened by the response coming from our community leaders, organizations and citizens. Most especially, I appreciate how we take care of our neighbors. The response to the COVID-19 coronavirus health crisis underscores that our community knows how to come together. We share [...]

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Foundation in Focus: Ryan family contributes to greater good in New Albany

By Bill Ebbing | March 2, 2020 Ellen and David Ryan have not lived in New Albany for several years, but even as Florida residents, they continue to have an impact on the community through their endowment fund at the New Albany Community Foundation. Recently, they awarded a grant to two New Albany youth robotics [...]

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