About the Foundation · Funds & Grants

Grant Criteria

The New Albany Community Foundation may only award grants to registered 501c3 organizations. To make the best use of available funds, the Foundation seeks applications that include one of more of the following conditions when reviewing application requests:

  • that the project positively impacts the community, especially in the areas of lifelong learning, the arts, health and wellness and the environment;
  • that the proposed project is likely to continue and expand beyond the grant period;
  • that Foundation support would be vital or important to project success;
  • that there would be innovative and efficient use of funds;
  • that expenses are reduced by sharing resources with other agencies or groups;
  • that the project is a well-planned approach to solving a problem and delivering services;
  • that the project promotes cooperation among agencies without duplication of services;
  • that the project brings the community together, enriches lives and that over time, multiplies the good being achieved;
  • applications are measured against how many people are positively impacted;
  • applications are more likely to receive support if other investors or funding sources exist.

The Foundation typically does not approve grants to support operating expenses, deficit financing for programs or capital expenditures, endowment funds, religious purposes, annual appeals or membership contributions, conferences, sponsorships or recognition events.

The Foundation awards grants twice annually in April and October. Applications must be received by the following dates:

  • March 15 for April consideration
  • September 15 for October consideration

Recent Grants Awarded by The New Albany Community Foundation:

  • $15,000 grant to the Central Ohio Leadership Academy, an organization that sponsors a leadership program for high school students from across central Ohio. This grant was made possible through support from the Easton Community Foundation.
  • $6,000 grant to New Albany Farmers Market from the Krebs Family Fund.
  • Two grants from the New Albany Women’s Network Fund:
    • $1,000 to the Isadora Alexandria Loew Klodell Fund to purchase books for the New Albany Primary School.
    • $1,000 to the Franklin Park Conservatory in memory of Lorrie Durik.
  • $20,580 grant to New Albany Schools in support of the New Albany Scholars Author Residency Program through support from the Lance White family, New Albany PTO organizations & the New Albany Women’s Network.
  • $12,811.28 grant to Healthy New Albany from the New Albany Surgical Hospital fund.
  • $100,000 grant to New Albany Miracle Field from the Krebs Family Fund.
  • $15,000 grant to The New Albany Symphony Orchestra.
  • $250,000 grant to the Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts in support of educational and cultural programming.
  • $20,000 grant to Healthy New Albany from the Michael & Nanette Triplett Family Fund to support health and wellness programs.
  • $5,000 to the New Albany Miracle Field from YourCause J Crew matching gifts as a match to a gift from Ronnie Robinson.
  • $1,700 grant to the New Albany Robotics team from the Ellen & David J. Ryan Fund.
  • $1,700 grant to The Antidote – FIRST Tech Robotics Team from the Ellen & David J. Ryan Fund.
  • $15,00 grant to LifeCare Alliance in support of Meals On Wheels to provide services to New Albany area residents.
  • $3,000 grant from the Jack Kessler Fund to support the Well-Being Connection, an organization that promotes mental wellness programs and awareness in the New Albany community.
  • $10,000 grant to New Albany Community Playhouse from the Huntington Fund to support community theater programming.
  • $2,500 to New Albany Community Playhouse. 
  • $400 to Fry Out Cancer which provides turkeys for Thanksgiving to families in need through the New Albany Food Pantry.
  • $682 grant to New Albany Schools in support of a project led by Drew DeShetler of the BSA, Simon Kenton Council, Troop 450, to build a boardwalk connecting the Easton E3 Learning Lab to the wetlands/Nature Preserve.