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FOUNDATION IN FOCUS: Mayhorn epitomizes local volunteers doing good

By MIKE MARX After more than 20 years of service, Kathy Mayhorn recently stepped down as executive director of the New Albany Arts Council. During her time as the arts council’s leader, Mayhorn helped launch several programs that either provided residents with the opportunity to participate in the arts or provided opportunities to be enriched [...]

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Eagle Eye on Education: Sustainable budget serves students, saves taxpayers

By MICHAEL SAWYERS The New Albany-Plain Local school board, administration, faculty and staff are committed to our statement of purpose, which is “to create a culture of accountability to achieve the best academic and developmental outcomes for each student.” The district is dedicated to do so within a sustainable budget. District leaders’ focus on infusing [...]

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FOUNDATION IN FOCUS: Fourth reminds us history merits preservation

By JEFF RODEK When David McCullough, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian, visited New Albany last year, he shared the story of how John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both former presidents, Founding Fathers and Declaration of Independence signers, by remarkable coincidence died on the same day, Independence Day in 1826, the 50th anniversary [...]

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