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Historical works now on display at library

Famous historical documents from the Remnant Trust are on display through May 11 at the New Albany branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, 200 Market St. The Remnant Trust, an educational foundation established in 1997, maintains a collection of manuscripts, first editions and early publications centering on liberty and human dignity. The exhibit, which arrived [...]

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New Albany-Based Rocky Fork Company Establishes Fund to Support Mental Health Initiatives

The New Albany Community Foundation is pleased to recognize Karen and Brian Bailey, longtime New Albany residents and business owners, for recently establishing a fund at the New Albany Community Foundation to support community mental health initiatives. Inspired by mental health advocate Mariel Hemingway’s fall visit to New Albany and her interaction with the community, [...]

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Historic books and manuscripts offer rare opportunity

By Keith R. Berend for This Week Community News Have you ever wondered where great works, such as the documents that shaped America's form of government, are housed? I'm referring to the books, manuscripts and papers that influenced our founders and helped shape our democracy. Too often, I suspect they are buried in the archives of [...]

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Remnant Trust Historic documents on display at library

By Sarah Sole for This Week Community News Starting this week, New Albany community members will be able to see and touch some of the documents that played a role in the nation's history. Such famous documents as the Gettysburg Address and the Federalist Papers are scheduled to be displayed from April 5 to May [...]

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